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Bosch Esi Tronic 2.0 Key 154


.. naf tietoja – Boschistä ja arvioita -. Full version: $4,000 .000 luoma julkisen.
Reference: ESI[tronic] 2.0 software version and technical data.
. 3a Seriessa on 7 värit. 2.0.
3 A2 Seriessa on 7 värit. 2.0.
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Looks like the Bosch ESI[Tronic] 2.0 version is not compatible with the OBD-II port. I assume you have a 2004-2013 BMW with OBD-II port. (you don’t specify).
First things first: connect the OBD-II diagnostic adapter to your OBD-II port. Next, download the Bosch ESI[Tronic] 2.0 version to your laptop. Put it in the path where you’ll find it in your download folder. The ESI[Tronic] 2.0 program will be found in \ESITronic\x64\bin\Release\ESI[Tronic] 2.0\*.exe.
Now, download the Bosch KTS 3A (for your BMW) from the following link:

The KTS 3A program will be found in the same folder where you found the ESI[Tronic] 2.0 version.
Put the KTS 3A program on your laptop and open the KTS 3A program. Click “Start” to run the program. You’ll see a window like this one:

Check the box on the left side that says “ESItronic Diagnostic Port”.
Now click the “Cadence Plus” tab at the top. Check the box next to the “Test” option. Click “Test” and wait until you see the word “Ready”.
If you see the word “Ready” you’ll be ready to start testing the fault codes.

Now, start the ESI[Tronic] 2.0 program.
In the “Data Management” window, click “Print Driver” and select the printer you have. Click the “Print” button.


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